Criterion 6 - Governance, Leadership and Management (100)

Key Indicators Supporting Documents Weightage
Key Indicator- 6.1 Institutional Vision and Leadership (10)
6.1.1 Describe the vision and mission statement of the institution on the nature of governance, perspective plans and participation of the teachers in the decision making bodies of the institution Governing Body Members Staff Council Committee Formation Appointment of Bursar 5
6.1.2 Describe a case study showing decentralization and participative management in the institution in practice Staff Council Committee Formation Appointment of Bursar 5
Department Work Distribution
Key Indicator- 6.2 Strategy Development and Deployment (10)
6.2.1 Describe one activity successfully implemented based on the strategic plan within a maximum Jijabai Academic Block and Minutes of Meeting 2
Jijabai Academic Block Facilities
Describe the Organogram of the Institution Organogram 4
Implementation of e-governance in areas of operation: (1) Administration (2) Finance and Accounts (3)Student Admission, and Support (4) Examination E-Governance Tools Screenshots 4
List of E-Governance Tools
E-Governance Tools Supporting Documents
Key Indicator- 6.3 Faculty Empowerment Strategies (30)
6.3.1 Provide the list of existing welfare measures for teaching and nonteaching staff Health Camps and Events 5
Welfare Scheme
6.3.3 Total number of professional development /administrative training Programmes organized by the institution for teaching and non teaching staff year wise during the last five years List of Professional Development Programmes 5
Supporting Documents for Professional Development Programmes
6.3.4 Total number of teachers attending professional development Programmes viz., Orientation / Induction Programme, Refresher Course, Short Term Course year wise during the last five years Teachers attending professional development programmes 5
Certificates of Participation
6.3.5 Describe the functioning status of the Performance Appraisal System for teaching and non-teaching staff CAS 2010 Promotion Guidelines 5
CAS 2018 Promotion Guidelines
DU Proforma for Promotion
Best Employee Award
Key Indicator- 6.4 Financial Management and Resource Mobilization (20)
6.4.1 Enumerate the various internal and external financial audits carried out during the last five years with the mechanism for settling audit objections Financial Audit Report 6
6.4.2 Total Grants received from non-government bodies, individuals, Philanthropist year wise during the last five years (INR in Lakhs) Corpus Fund from Private Organisations 8
Proof of Sponsorship Fund https://www.shivajicollege.ac.in/files/NAAC-SSR/Criteria6/Criteria6.4/6.4.2/6.4.2%20Grant%20from%20Non-Govt%20Institutions.pdf
6.4.3 Describe the resource mobilisation policy and procedures of the Institution Sources of Fund Mobilisation 6
Students' Fees for Self-Financing Course
Key Indicator- 6.5 Internal Quality Assurance System (30)
6.5.1 Describe two practices institutionalized as a result of IQAC initiatives Academic Audit Proof 10
Lab Verification Proof
6.5.2 Describe any two examples of institutional reviews and implementation of teaching learning reforms Capacity Building Programmes 10
Proof of Capacity Building Programmes Feedback mechanism 1.4.2
6.5.3 Quality assurance initiatives of the institution include: (1) Regular meeting of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC); Feedback collected, analysed and used for improvements (2) Collaborative quality initiatives with other institution(s) (3) Participation in NIRF (4) any other quality audit recognized by state, national or international agencies (ISO Certification, NBA) List of Collaboration and Quality Programme 10
IQAC Meeting Minutes
Proof of Collaborative Events
Memoranda of Understanding
Link to AQARs and Annual Reports
Proof of Programmes on Quality
Orientation Programmes on Quality
Proof of Orientation Programmes on Quality