Department of Economics

The Department of Economics has been consistently working towards ensuring all-round development of the students. To facilitate students with a platform to exhibit and enhance their competitive and interactive skills, the Department has constituted a student body, namely, Epitome. This a well-structured society having a student executive team, elected through a voting process, who are responsible for conducting various events of the department throughout the academic session under the guidance of the faculty members. The faculty members and students work together tirelessly every year to come up with riveting exposition of mind and matter.

The society is actively engaged in organising various events like seminars, lecture series, workshops and many more academic events. The aim of organising events like these is to imbibe the practical knowledge of the subject matter in the students and to enhance their personal and team building capabilities. The society also organises an orientation programme and a formal freshers welcome for the first-year students and farewell for the outgoing students every year.

The annual festival, Pareto, is a major event organized by the students of the society. Named after the famous Economist Vilfredo Pareto, the annual festival provides a vital platform to the students across various institutions to participate and compete in several student centric events. The annual festival also includes a lecture on relevant economic topics by eminent speakers from reputed institutions which provides a great learning experience of the economic theories and policies to all the students. Further, events like quiz, business plan, case studies, group discussions, etc. are also organised to bring alive elements of economics in activities that involve skills and wits.

PC Ganguly