Shivaji Platform for Academic Connect and Empowerment

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic…”

A digital space for all Shivajians, Shivaji Platform for Academic Connect and Empowerment, is a state-of-the-art ERP system, an initiative of the Website Committee of Shivaji College.

  1. A solution that integrates all the modules and functionalities of the College System that were previously maintained manually.
  2. Its user friendly interface facilitates quick interaction among different stakeholders-faculty, student and administration.
  3. As a centralised database, it provides accurate up- to- date information that aims to improve efficiency and flexibility of college record management.
  4. It stores, organizes and maintains unstructured academic data that is easily shareable and accessible to all.
  5. It offers E- Governance Solutions
  6. Now high volumes of data can now be stored at centralized high speed server
  7. It ensures data integrity and data consistency and removes data redundancy and duplication.


  • Shivaji Konnect
    1. A platform to interact and communicate with all stakeholders.
    2. It connects the Shivaji family and academic community
    3. There is equality of access and each person is equally approachable, whether teacher, student, head of department, convenor of committee/society or Principal.
  • Academic Audit
    1. Digitalization of the academic audit process.
    2. Real time track of all the activities and processes
    3. Creation and updation of Audit documents
  • Academic Planner and Scheduler
    1. Facilitates creation of academic calendar, academic performance record
    2. The faculty can maintain a record of the syllabi completed each month and monitor the pace thereof.
  • Easy Share and Access
    1. Students and faculty can upload and share study materials, assignments, notes and even exchange queries via SPACE using a unique login ID without intruding in the private time of any one.
    2. We can upload our achievements and share with the community the certificate or proof of the same.
  • Venue Booking and Events Portal
    1. Hassle- free booking of college venues to conduct events.
    2. This smart tool lists the availability of all the venues on any date and time
    3. This powerful platform helps to plan, create, execute and publish an event.
  • Attendance and Internal Assessment
    1. Uploading and reporting of attendance, assignment marks and class test marks.
    2. Easily assess and get an insight into the overall performance of students in each test and assignment and directly upload to the internal assessment records. Moreover, the portal provides an alternative to sorting through long lists and automatically records non-performing students' data
    3. New uploading categories and reporting styles have been added.


  • Tool for Teachers in Charge and Conveners of Committees
    1. This tool will help to record minutes of committees, department and mentor meetings and is a useful feature to monitor the working of different units of the College.
    2. The TICs can carry on their day- to- day work with ease without worrying about file keeping. They can now allot mentors to all students of their department, maintain the assessment records, and even keep a track of the compliances with academic planning as per the calendar.
    3. Committee Convenors can easily get information about students and faculty members of their committee and communicate with them easily. They can book a College venue, receive approval, create registration forms, create and publish events through SPACE
    4. It is successfully equipped with all the features and modules of the college management system as per requirements. SPACE also works as a learning management system for the academic community.
  • The college functioning is smooth, efficient and up-to-date with the latest technological developments
    1. Records are always updated and there is safety and security of data or information and files.
    2. Dependency on manual work is kept to a minimum.
    3. There is better control over data, along with data integrity, analysis and integration.
    4. There are real time reports and easy availability of material for students and faculty alike.
    5. Although all the info is easily available, yet each member of the academic community has full privacy to his/her space and independent decision making.