S.No Project Title
SHC-201 Drug design through molecular modeling for selected drug targets in Plasmodium falciparum to combat drug resistance against malaria.
SHC-202 Development of an Android application for the real monitoring of toxic environmental pollutant
SHC-203 Biochemical assessment of toxic heavy metals in bacterial strain growing in the polluted water: A step towards Bioremediation
SHC-204 Water harvesting techniques in Nagaur district
SHC-205 Milk Adulteration and its effects on young population
SHC-206 Real Time Traffic Solution
SHC-207 "Doing Nothing"-The Invisible Work Of Women
SHC-208 Experimental Investigations on Ion-Conducting Polymeric Gel Electrolytes Suitable for Applications in Electrochemical Devices
SHC-209 Women's participation in politics and society in post globalization era : a comparative case study of three districts; Rohtak (Haryana), Amritsar(Punjab) and Sri Ganga nagar (Rajasthan)
SWC-101 University Social Networking Site for DU community
301 Efficient Photocatalytic degradation of toxic organic pollutants by metal-organic complex using a novel Green Chemical Approach
302 PLGA Nanoparticles Spacers for Targeted Drug Delivery in Cancer tr class="font"eatment
303 Accessing Microbial Diversity of Yamuna Water: A Step towards Environmental Restoration
304 Investigation of Polymer based Electr class="font"odes for all solid state high performance supercapacitor
305 Agro-Industr class="font"ial Waste Utilization for Biofuel Production
306 Application of biocontr class="font"ol agents and herbal oils on wheat crop against powdery mildew disease
307 Amelioration of Air Quality in Urban Ecosystem of Delhi: Role of Avenue tr class="font"ees, and Use of Birds as Biomonitors
308 A Dried Blood Spot collection study for detection of Brucellosis in Bovine Population of Indian villages: an ELISA based system specific to Omp 25 and Omp28 proteins of Brucella abortus
309 Real Time Android Application for tr class="font"avel convenience
310 A comparative chemical analysis of commercially available newer brands of edible oils for their highlighted benefits for human consumption
311 Lifestyle Disorders: Etiology, Awareness and Management
312 L-asparaginase, an anti tumor agent: Production, Characterization and Molecular Approaches
313 Comparative analysis of heavy metal toxicity and pesticide contamination in vegetables collected from local sites and organic stores in Delhi
314 Make Your Life Easy : Using Smart Switch
315 Inventory and Prospect of Water Conservation in Western Rajasthan

Other Initiatives

Faculty Member Name of the projects Year Funding Agency
Dr. Smita Tripathi
Assistant Professor
Dept of Botany
"Does a crosstalk exist between strigolactones (a new emerging plant growth regulator) and nitric oxide in eliciting auxin-induced adventitious rooting?" 2012 Science & Engineering Research Board, Govt. of India, India.
Ms. Iti Tripathi
Assistant Professor
Dept of Economics
Epg-Pathshala (Content Writing - Public Economics) 2013 U.G.C.
Dr. Reetika Rana
Assistant Professor
Dept of Economics
Epg-Pathshala (Content Writing - Environment Economics) 2014 U.G.C.
Dr. Kumari Priyanka
Assistant Professor
Dept of Mathematics
Search of Good Rotation Patterns on Successive Occasions and its Applications 2013-2016 U.G.C.

List of other completed projects(Minor/Major projects)

Name of the faculty member Name of the projects Name of the funding agency
Dr. Amarjeev Lochan
Associate Professor
Dept of History
Rice Culture: Rites and Rituals in India and Thai Societies (Monograph) ASIA scheme of Ford Foundation, Bangkok
Dr. Amarjeev Lochan
Associate Professor
Dept of History
Indians in Thailand: The Dynamics Moving Thai Society in ASEAN and ASIA (Report) Mahidol University Research Fund, Bangkok
Dr. Amarjeev Lochan
Associate Professor
Dept of History
The Role of Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism in strength building Indian Thai Families, Society and Culture in Thailand (second part undergoing) Mahidol University Research Fund, Bangkok
Dr. Lalita Rana
Associate Professor
Dept of Geography
Ancient Tradition in Geography - The Western and Oriental Perspective Indian Council of Social Science Research