Centre for Environment and Disaster Management (CEDM)

The Centre for Environment and Disaster Management (CEDM) at Shivaji College, University of Delhi, is a newly developed centre dedicated to advancing research, education, and practices in environmental sustainability and disaster resilience. CEDM focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to address pressing environmental challenges and disaster risks, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between human activities and natural systems. Through its initiatives, the center aims to cultivate awareness, promote sustainable practices, and develop strategies for effective disaster management. By engaging students, faculty, and the broader community, CEDM strives to create a knowledgeable and proactive society capable of mitigating environmental issues and enhancing disaster preparedness and response.

Committee members

  • Prof. Tejbir Singh Rana (Convener)
  • Dr. Prabuddh Kumar Mishra
  • Prof. Pratima Rani Sardar
  • Mr. Uttam Kumar Sinha
  • Dr. Yogender Singh
  • Dr. Kiran Bamel
  • Mr. Parath Kumar Kasana
  • Dr. Neeru Sharma
  • Dr. Amit Kumar