Eco Club

The Eco Club works throughout the year to create awareness about the environment and to conserve a healthy ecosystem.

Ecoclub, Shivaji College (Under the Aegis of IQAC) in collaboration with the Society for Ecological Research and Natural Resources Management (SERNRM) organised a Webinar on May 19, 2020 at 11 a.m. on the topic “Biodiversity and Public Health”. The lecture was delivered by eminent speaker Prof. C.R. Babu, FNASc, Professor Emeritus, Former Pro Vice Chancellor, University of Delhi, Project in Charge, Biodiversity Programmes, DDA and Distinguished Fellow of SERNRM.

Eco Club, Shivaji College organised annual fest e-पीपल from May 9, 2020 to May 15, 2020 in collaboration with Society for Ecological Research and Natural Resources Management (SERNRM), to observe International Day for Biological Diversity. The following three on-line students’ activities were organised:

  1. Poster making: Theme: Perception on New Normal, Sub-themes: Our Solutions are in Nature; Biodiversity; Natural Resources
  2. Essay writing: Theme: Unlocking Sustainability: Need or Greed, Unlocking Sustainability: Live & Let Live
  3. Photo collage: Theme: Biodiversity in Your Vicinity

Organised a visit to Sultanpur National Park, Gurugram as an awareness program to understand local flora and fauna, and to study diverse ecosystems. A total 39 members including five faculty members have participated in field excursion on March 6, 2020.

Eco Club Visit to Sultanpur National Park
Online Poster Making: Eco Club
Marvellous Mother Nature: Online Photo Collage Competition: Eco Club


  • Dr. Vijay Kumar (Convenor)
  • Dr. Preeti Tewari
  • Dr. Aparna Jain
  • Dr. Rajni Kanojia
  • Dr. Misha Yadav
  • Dr. Rajender Singh (Geography)
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