Department of Botany

The Department of Botany is known for its academic excellence, high calibre faculty, and greatly enriching co-curricular activities. Most of the faculty members have been involved in many research activities and have to their credits various research projects and innovation projects. Three innovation projects from Botany Department were given recognition for their contribution and awarded by the University of Delhi. The Department boasts labs that are well equipped with latest instruments. Projection facilities are also available in laboratories and classrooms to facilitate student learning with visual representation of concepts discussed in class. Apart from these state-of-the-art methods involved in teaching, the Department also maintains an enormous collection of museum and herbarium specimens. These collections facilitate in practical learning of the subject and in forming a connection with the specimens of nature they study.

The Department also regularly organises field trips, study tours, botanical excursions, and summer internships that help in bringing about holistic development of students. The Department has also produced many University rank holders. Many alumni of this department are pursuing their careers in higher education from institutions of prestigious repute in India and abroad. Some of our alumni are currently placed in higher positions in many governmental organisations/institutions like Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Pusa; Department of Plant & Molecular Biology, South Campus, University of Delhi; Indian Forest Services, etc. The Department also regularly organises workshops, conferences, seminars, and symposia with participation of faculty as well as students from other universities and colleges. These activities help students and are instrumental not only in keeping themselves abreast of current developments and frontiers of research in the subject discipline but also in developing organisational skills.