Chemistry puts you at the heart of science, and Chemistry graduates are in demand by some of the most successful industries in India. Chemistry is often referred to as the ‘Central Science’ because an understanding of materials at a molecular level underpins research and development from Biology to Solid State Physics.

An outstanding and dedicated faculty and students of the Chemistry Department are among its core strengths. The Department offers a vibrant atmosphere to students and faculty to nurture the spirit of scientific inquiry and to pursue cutting-edge research in a highly encouraging environment. The Department of Chemistry has well equipped laboratories with required chemicals for conducting regular practical classes as well as research activities. These labs are also equipped with instruments like Spectrophotometer, Conductivity meters, pH meters, Flame Photometers, Colorimeter, UV-visible Spectrophotometer, Centrifuge Machines, Digital Balances etc.

A degree in Chemistry makes you highly employable: not only does it provide you with quantitative and practical skills for scientific and technical roles, but it also develops your transferable skills such as problem-solving that are valued by all employers. After graduation, students can get enrolled in PG courses such as M.Sc. in Inorganic, Organic, Physical, Analytical, Polymer Science, Forensic Science, Material Science, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology etc. There is a need for B.Sc graduates in the industries across the world.

● Western, Asian and a few Middle Eastern countries are at the forefront of the demand for B.Sc. graduates.

● There are many jobs abroad that need candidates to have a B.Sc. degree, and Indians seem to be fulfilling this need.

● Many B.Sc. graduates also get a chance to study in foreign universities through scholarships for higher education.

Rastantrum is the Chemical Society of Shivaji College which organizes its annual festival which is a blend of knowledge and fun.