Vision & Mission


"Transform One Life, Transform the Nation" is the vision of Shivaji College. This institution strives to attain excellence in all aspects and aspires to become a premier institution. It envisions itself as a seat of not only academic learning but also of holistic development. Our college proudly claims and continually endeavours to create a healthy and congenial environment conducive to innovation and progressiveness. This can be evident in the innovative and progressive ideas with which academic and extracurricular measures are implemented. Quest for knowledge, freedom of expression and respect for culture is the hallmark of this college. Our vision is to produce generation after generation of optimistic, resourceful, committed, and passionate future leaders who will continue transforming this society, and in effect this nation, in every positive aspect.


The motto of Shivaji College is amritam tu vidya or knowledge is eternal. The processes of imparting knowledge, learning and good values help us take this motto forward as a mission.

The college creates an environment for students to develop themselves holistically in creative and innovative ways. Students from diverse educational, cultural, and economic backgrounds come together to carry forward and contribute to the ideas the college promotes. The cosmopolitan spirit of the campus reflects the diversity of the Indian nation.

The college is also committed to addressing social concerns and implementing environment-friendly measures. Under the aegis of societies like LFT, NCC, NSS, SPADE, and WDC, the college continually reaches out to communities in need of assistance. At the micro level, these interventions help children, women, and the elderly, and at the macro level, they contribute towards empowering the nation.

Shivaji College truly transforms the lives of the students even as it remains committed to its mission.