Vision & Mission


"Transform One Life, Transform the Nation" is the vision of Shivaji College. This institution strives to attain excellence in all aspects and aspires to become a premier institution. It envisions itself as a seat of not only academic learning but also of holistic development. Our college proudly claims and continually endeavours to create a healthy and congenial environment conducive to innovation and progressiveness. This can be evident in the innovative and progressive ideas with which academic and extracurricular measures are implemented. Quest for knowledge, freedom of expression and respect for culture is the hallmark of this college. Our vision is to produce generation after generation of optimistic, resourceful, committed, and passionate future leaders who will continue transforming this society, and in effect this nation, in every positive aspect.


The motto of Shivaji College Amritam tu vidya (knowledge is eternal) highlights our mission. Transcending knowledge beyond books and academics, Shivaji College is committed to providing experiential knowledge that not only heightens the intellectual capacity but also builds the character of students. To this end, the mission of the college is:

  • To foster a stimulating academic environment that encourages a spirit of enquiry, innovation and experimentation
  • To nurture an ecosystem that promotes democratic values, inclusiveness of diverse peoples and cultures, and freedom of expression and creativity
  • To in still a culture of sensitivity to gender issues and identities; to challenges pertinent to differently-abled people and economically-weaker sections; and to experiences of people from marginalised communities
  • To promote civic ecology practices on campus and beyond for a sustainable relationship between human community and nature
  • To encourage a dynamic engagement between curricular and extra-curricular learning and positive social implications
  • To inculcate critical thinking and find new grounds of learning