Department of History

Enriched by a competent and committed faculty, the History Department engages students with the discipline in diverse ways. Young minds are encouraged to have a constant interface with the teachers not only in classrooms but also beyond to hone their analytical and interpretive skills. It facilitates students to comprehend historical processes that have shaped the Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Post-Modern World. Periodically, academic activities like seminars, heritage walks, tours and trips to museums and historical sites are organised to aid students to reflect on the nature of interaction between the past and the present, and the extent of contestation or accommodation that occurs between the two in shaping the future. Largely, the didactics of the discipline revolve around enthusiastic participation of the teachers and the taught, in realising human potentiality for the benefit of the society as well as enrichment of the discipline by orienting students and faculty to engage in research on new themes and newer ways of doing History.