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The Fine Arts Society - Vibgyor provides an excellent platform for students with artistic bent of mind. Completing its ninth year, Vibgyor has become one of the most active and recognised Art Societies in the University. The society hosts its own art exhibition every year where students get the opportunity to display their artworks. The society during the College Annual Fest "Vibrations" gives an opportunity to its members to exhibit their talents by working on life-sized 3D models, flexes, caricatures, and other art works. They are then displayed decoratively. Every year, the Vibgyor team has challenged itself and excelled in its creative expressions. Vibgyor also actively participates in inter-college festivals held across the University. Members in this society have won numerous prizes at various colleges.

Painting workshop (Raindrop effect)

By Anju Malik

VIBGYOR- The fine arts Society of Shivaji College organized Painting Workshop (Raindrop Effect) in both online and offline mode. It was held on 30th September, 2021 from 2:00 PM till 5:00 PM at college auditorium. The online meeting was set up via Google meet for the members who weren’t able to attend the workshop in offline mode.All the COVID 19 protocols were followed.

Extremely talented artist, Miss Anju Malik conducted this workshop. The purpose of this workshop was to spread more knowledge about the basics of painting techniques and use of paints. It was a well-planned workshop and the society members participated in that interactive event with full enthusiasm. Miss Anju Malik taught the members the use of different paints, basic techniques to draw trees and water droplets. She also talked about the beauty of nature. Anju Malik used effective ways and different samples to make the workshop more interesting and easy to understand. Being an interactive session, participants asked their queries regarding realistic paintings and mistakes to avoid while doing watercolours. She also paid special heed to the members who joined via online mode.

At the end, our society conveners, Dr. Antara Bhatia and Mr. Sambuddhagave the vote of thanks to everyone.

All in all, the workshop was successful due to the joint efforts of all the members of VIBGYOR society, our conveners and team Anchorage.

Report - 20th January 2021- 7th February 2021

Every year, VIBGYOR - The Fine Arts Society of Shivaji college organizes its annual fest Acrylica. This fest is known for its enthusiastic participation from different colleges, teamwork done by the members of Vibgyor and their beautiful models based on the theme, not to forget all the fun they have while organizing theirmany events. Irrespective to the fact of present covid 19 situations, Vibgyor organized the 5th edition of its annual fest, ACRYLICA, which started from 20th January. It included competitions, exhibition and an art workshop, all curated in the best possible manner. As all of the activities were proceeded in an online mode, no COVID-19 guidelines were overlooked.

The fest included the following 5 events, which saw a good amount of participation from different colleges and students belonging to different departments.

Sketch-doo-paint an online art battle where artists had to submit their sketch, painting or doodle artwork by 30th January. Participants had to attach the photo of their artwork to a Google form which was provided by Vibgyor. These artworks were posted on the Instagram page of the Vibgyor society, wherein 60% judgement depended on the number of likes on a particular artwork while rest 40% was the decision made by the judges . Students from different colleges enthusiastically participated in this event. Each artwork posted on the Instagram page was beautiful and unique. It was inspiring to see people portraying their talent and passion through their artwork. The results were declared on 7th February 2021, though the competition was hard to judge. Winners were given certificates and a cash prize worth ₹3000.

Card-o-कथा was another interesting competition which also commenced on 20th January. It was one of a kind and an interesting competition that the Vibgyor society came up with. As the name suggests, it was an online storytellingthrough card painting competition where the participants were given the opportunity to explore their creative and literary side. They had to paint any two playing cards, both portraying a single story. A Google form was provided for the same. Description along with the artwork held a great value. Being a new concept, the competition received a considerable amount of submission. Participants portrayed their imagination, thoughts and feelings through the medium of this competition. The judgement was based on the neatness of the artwork and its compliance to the description. Winners were provided certificates and a cash prize worth ₹1500.

Spectrum was an online inter- college exhibition competition. Prior to COVID-19 such exhibitions were held in a physical mode, wherein the art societies from different colleges got an opportunity to present their best artworks. But regardless to the present situation, we organised our very first inter-collegeexhibition via online mode successfully. The exhibition received entries from 19 different art societies belonging to various colleges. A wide range of artwork made in various mediums were submitted by each college. These artworks were also posted on the Instagram page of Vibgyor society in a well-structured manner. 60% judgement was based on the number of likes while rest 40% was the decision made by the judges, to declare the best art society among the ones that entered for the competition. Winners were given certificates and cash prize worth ₹1500.

Superverse an art exhibition was held for the members of Vibgyor Society exclusively. The exhibition featured the art of all media based on the theme Of Super Heroes and Villains from the great universes of Marvel and DC. All the artwork based on this theme were posted on the Instagram page of Vibgyor society in the form of guides on 3rd February 2021. A wide variety of artworks ranging from mandalas, sketches and paintings to digital art, calligraphy and craft were submitted by the artistic members of Vibgyor Society. The society members even supported one another when they faced any problem or felt stuck while making the artwork. All the members were encouraged to make an artwork and each artwork whether small or big was equally appreciated.

Galaxy Mandala Workshop was an e-workshop held on 6th February, 2021 from 1:00pm at Zoom platform. Famous Mandala artist Mr. Mayank Agarwal conducted this workshop. The purpose of this workshop was to spread more knowledge about the mandala art among students. He taught how to make mandala designs and galaxy painting through different colours. Mr. Mayank is a Certified Art Therapist and he provided valuable tips to our students about the same. Throughout this session he provided useful tips to make our artwork more refined. He talked about the history of mandala and how it differed from doodling and zentangle art. It was inspiring how between his busy schedule he takes time to create beautiful art pieces and also educate others about the same. It was a very well-planned workshop and student from different colleges participated in this interactive event. The workshop was free of cost. As feedback is important part of any learning process, Mr. Mayank took upon himself to provide a valuable feedback to each participant and the areas in which they can further work for improvement. Being an interactive session, participant also asked their queries regarding Mandala art. Certificates were given to each participant as a token of gratitude. Mr. Mayank Agarwal appreciated all those who participated in workshop and making it a huge success.

To sum up, ACRYLICA was successful due to the joint effort of all the team members of VIBGYOR Society and the support of our respected teachers.

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