Vibgyor: The Fine Arts Society

The Fine Arts Society - Vibgyor provides an excellent platform for students with artistic bent of mind. Completing its ninth year, Vibgyor has become one of the most active and recognised Art Societies in the University. The society hosts its own art exhibition every year where students get the opportunity to display their artworks. The society during the College Annual Fest "Vibrations" gives an opportunity to its members to exhibit their talents by working on life-sized 3D models, flexes, caricatures, and other art works. They are then displayed decoratively. Every year, the Vibgyor team has challenged itself and excelled in its creative expressions. Vibgyor also actively participates in inter-college festivals held across the University. Members in this society have won numerous prizes at various colleges. The society had put together an exhibition-cum-workshop, ACRYLICA. In 2017, this event was conducted by eminent artist Ms. Navneet Kaur. Vibgyor also organises several competitive events such as rangoli making, poster making, face painting, T-Shirt designing Grafitti, and many more.