Inclusive society is one “equipped with mechanisms which accommodate diversity, and facilitate/enable people’s active participation in their political, economic and social lives”. It is also a society that “over-rides differences of race, gender, class, generation, and geography, and ensures equal opportunities for all to achieve full potential in life, regardless of origin” (The Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations).

Centre for Promotion of Inclusivity is an idea, a vision, a space for an inclusive society. Students at Shivaji College come from diverse backgrounds and different regions, and they opt for different disciplinary studies. While curricula in certain disciplinary studies offer the scope for discussing social inequalities based on gender, sexualities, ethnicities, caste/religion, and so on, other studies seldom offer opportunities to discuss such issues due to curricular constraints. This centre, therefore, aims to provide a forum – outside the classroom – for deliberating on ideas and praxis that may promote social inclusion.

We take pride in the practices of inclusivity on campus: be it the special attention given to slow learners in classrooms, fee concessions and scholarships for economically disadvantaged students, facilities for students with physical and visual impairment, relaxation given to female students during admissions, and other measures. However, inclusive practices must also be informed by perspectives that reflect the spirit of democracy.

This centre has therefore been conceptualized:

• To promote civic learning among students and alleviate social exclusions and differences based on social constructs such as caste, class, ethnicity, religion, region, gender identities, disabilities, and so on

• To close the gap in our perception and dispel prejudices and stereotypes associated with any person(s) or group

• To assist and enhance learning that enables students to challenge and transform discriminating assumptions and knowledge constructions that undermine the democratic spirit of our country

• To promote a climate of non-violence; instill a culture of humanity, a spirit of integrity and dignity; and to cultivate respect for plurality and difference

• To offer a more humane outlook and encourage praxis of inclusivity in everyday lives, thereby deepening the democratic character of our country

Our Activities will involve:

• Orientation Session to the rationale and the objectives of the Centre for Promotion of Inclusivity

• Routine interaction sessions with experts and resource persons on issues and questions that may assist social inclusion

• Debate and Inter-group dialogues on contemporary social issues

• Learning through arts: theatrical performance and film screening for enhanced learning and instilling empathetic relations

• All activities and programmes will involve surveys among interested students to assess the pre-session and post-session impressions and conceptual understanding of topic of deliberation

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Faculty Members

Dr. L. Gitarani Devi (Convenor)

Prof. Khurshid Khan

Dr. Preeti Tewari

Dr. Renu Baweja

Dr. Chakpram Priyanka

Ms. Preeti Desodiya

Dr. Antara Bhatia

Ms. Ranu Kunwar

Students Members

Designation Student name Course Semester
President Khushwant Kumar BA. Hons. Geography 5
Vice President Sejal Lange BA. Hons. Political Science 5
Secratary Adyasha Rout Bsc. Hons. (Zoology) 5
Media and Editorial Head Bharati Agarwal BA. Hons. Political Science 5
Technical Head Yashasvi Bsc. Hons. (Zoology) 5
Student Coordinator Simran Rathi BA. Programme 3
Student Coordinator Devansh Dwivedi BA. Hons. Political Science 5

2020-2021 Report

The Centre for Promotion of Inclusivity had its first orientation programme on January 15, 2021, to acquaint students with the mission of the centre. Dr. Nidhi Sabharwal, Associate Professor and In-charge, Centre for Policy Research in Higher education, NIEPA, delivered a lecture on ‘Inclusivity in Campuses of Higher education'.

Zero Discrimination Day (Twin Year Celebrations) was celebrated on March 01, 2021, by initiating an online campaign on social media. Students were encouraged to stand for Zero Discrimination by ‘Ending Inequalities’ (Theme for year 2021), a video of poetic rendition on ‘Zero Discrimination against women and girls’ (Theme for year 2020), was released on the Centre’s social media account and a new theme named ‘Inclushiva’ was launched for the social media on the same day.

Link for Zero Discrimination Day Video:


Link for the Theme Launch Video:


An Instagram Live was conducted on March 08, 2021, to commemmorate International Women's Day. The Student-Presidents of Women’s Development Cell of Shivaji College and Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, University of Delhi, were invited to have a candid conversation on women’s issues and their experiences.

World Cancer Day was celebrated with the release of a video featuring our students, telling how they can contribute to make a world free of Cancer. Discrimination on the basis of Chronic Ailment was the point of focus taken up by the centre on this day.

Link for the Cancer Day Video:


‘Among Us, With Us’ (Exclusive Stories from our Inclusive College) initiative was launched to invite entries from students of Shivaji College to share their struggle stories and how they have overcome the challenges posed by their personal circumstances. These stories will be shared on the Centre's Website which will be launched in the upcoming Annual Event of the Centre. This initiative is to celebrate the courage and resilience of the students and to motivate others from such inspiring stories.

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