Finance and Investment Cell

“FIC Shivaji Online Trading Simulation” event aimed to give students a hands-on experience on real life trading and enabling the participants to furnish and channelize their stock market skills. It was a 2-week event from June 15-26, 2020 and was also backed by the sponsorship of TrakInvest and GRM Institute of Investment and Trading. It had a massive reach and not only attracted students from Delhi University but the students from IIM A, B, C and IITs across the nation, displayed their skills. It had massive participation of 435+students from more than 200 colleges and universities from all over India and was stand-alone sufficiently to display the reach and influence of the society.

A webinar was organised on June 9, 2020 on Fundamental Analysis headed by CA Kashyap Rughani via Zoom Platform. It was conducted through Zoom App enabling to increase the reach and also enabling the speaker to not only depict through his video but was also supported by charts, presentations and diagrams making it a great learning experience. 67+ participants attended the live Webinar from colleges across the nation making it a successful event.

( Financial Literacy Campaign ) This campaign aimed towards expanding the knowledge base of students in various sectors like Stock Markets, Sources of Raising Funds, Case Studies, Success Stories, etc. and testing their knowledge through online quizzes. It has 3 series beginning from May 7, 2020 having module wise quiz asked via FIC’s Instagram page.

Annual Finance Fest, FINANZEN, was organised on February 24, 2020. Two technical sessions were conducted for the students on the following topics: “Data analytics and visualization” by Mr. Raunak Singh, Senior Analyst, Havish M. Consulting; “Online stock trading and the various platforms available for the same” by Mr. Manish Kanwar, Vice President of Wisdom Capital, and Mr. Pulkit Sharma, Wisdom Capital

Finance and Investment Cell Fest

Seminar by Furusawa Japanese Academy on February 11, 2020, on “Career Opportunities in Japanese Language”

Organised a Technical Session by GRM INSTITUTE OF INVESTMENT & TRADING on January, 31, 2020, on “Know How of Investing”

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