CFPI 2022-2023

SWIKRITI - the Annual Diversity Fest - on March 29, 2023

Swikriti, the Annual Diversity Fest of Centre for Promotion of Inclusivity, was held on 29th March 2023. Prof. Kuhu Sharma Chanana was the keynote speaker at the event. Prof Chanana is the author of several books on queer identities and alternative sexualities.She is teaching English Literature at Swami Shradhanand College, DU.

The event also hosted a stand-up comedy performance by Ms. Aarshia Singh, in collaboration with the Sarvodya Collective. Ms Aarshia Singh is a vibrant young woman with Down Syndrome. Through her performance, she sent a powerful message that disability is a condition that can come to everyone – as they age. Ms. Pooja Sharma, the founder of the Sarvodya Collective, engaged the audience with her conversation with Ms. Deepa, Aarshia’s mother, about Down Syndrome. The event also featured a presentation competition and an open mic competition on the theme of inclusivity.

The event also showcased a visual display of CFPI’s journey and models and artwork on the theme of 'Knowledge, Truth, the Constitution and Our Rights'. The event concluded with a dhol performance by Harprabh Singh.

Speak Up 3.0 on February 10, 2023

The CFPI organized ‘Speak Up 3.0’ on 10 February 2023 in collaboration with the Sarvodya Collective. The event gave a platform to people from diverse backgrounds and experiences to share the stories of exclusions and challenges in their lives. The programme was put together to inform, sensitise, and inspire students to be overcome their personal circumstances with a challenging spirit and to encourage them to be sensitive to others’ identities and challenges. Mr. Manish Kumar, a writer, speaker and teacher; Ms. Rashmi Jayashankar, a psychologist; Mr. Anurag Singh, a data engineer; and Mr. Pranav Bakhshi, India’s first autistic model were the resource persons at the event.

Buniyaad: A Workshop on Neurodiversity

The CFPI organized ‘Buniyaad: A Workshops on Neurodiversity’ on 9th November 2022, in collaboration with The Sarvodya Collective, with the aim of spreading awareness about the struggles People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities go through. Ms. Pooja Sharma, the founder of the Sarvodya Collective, was the facilitator for the workshop. The workshop had over participants.


The orientation programmen for the Centre for Promotion of Inclusivity (CFPI) of Shivaji College was held an Orientation Programme on January 06, 202. The newly enrolled students were introduced to CFPI and informed about the goals and objectives of CFPI.

Anmol Tomar, the President of CFPI, shared the journey of CFPI and about the activities organised by this team. Furthermore, the remaining Team Heads also explained the nature of their responsibilities and the work of their respective teams.

The first semester students were also given a platform to share their individual stories of inclusion and exclusion so that new ways to promote inclusion maybe defined. Toward the end of the programme, a form was circulated seeking their membership to this committee.

CFPI 2021-2022

Annual Diversity Fest ‘SWIKRITI 2022’ held on April 09, 2022

The Centre for Promotion of Inclusivity organised its Annual Diversity Fest ‘SWIKRITI 2022’ on April 09, 2022. The theme of the event was “Inclusive Delhi”. Mr Vikramjit Singh Rooprai, an author, heritage educator and activist was the resource person at the event and he engaged the audience with this storytelling on “Delhi: The Melting Pot of Cultures”. Mr Rooprai provided an insight into the diverse and yet inclusive socio-cultural history of Delhi during the Mughal rule and stressed upon how this past is integral to the present multicultural and cosmopolitan character of Delhi. In addition to this main event, two student competitions “Filmmao Delhi” (Reel Making Competition) and “Mukhakriti” (Face Painting) were also held. A short film entitled “Meri Delhi”, produced by CFPI members, was also screened at the event.


Orientation Programme for the Centre for Promotion of Inclusivity was organized on January 10, 2022 to present an overview of the programmes held in the previous session. Students enrolled in the first semester were informed of CFPI's events held in the previous academic session. Overviews of Abhinat, Swikriti, Website launch, Open Mic Event, Online Pride Month celebration, Book Donation camp, publication of newsletter 'Inclusivity Times', Interactive Instagram Live sessions, Cultural Exchange Program (in collaboration with Vidya Vistar Scheme Partner colleges Sikkim Government College, Burtuk and Himalayan Degree College, Jammu and Kashmir), and different online campaigns organized by CFPI were presented to the audience. The event was particularly aimed at orienting students to the idea of inclusivity and the objectives of the society.


The Centre for Promotion of Inclusivity organised an online 'Cultural Exchange Programme' on November 17, 2021, in collaboration with Vidya Vistar Scheme (Shivaji College), University of Delhi. This programme was organized in partnership with the VVS partner colleges (Sikkim Government College, Burtuk and Himalayan Degree College, Jammu and Kashmir). The objective of the programme was to raise cultural awareness among all students and highlight the rich diversity of cultures and communities in Kashmir and Sikkim. A poster making competition Vinimay was also held as part of the event. A short film, 'Abhinat', produced by CFPI students, was screened during the event to foreground the unconscious biases we carry within ourselves. The event was attended by more than 100 students and faculty.


Centre for Promotion of Inclusivity organized a space for sharing stories of exclusion and differential treatment based on ethnic backgrounds, abilities, region, and sexual orientation. Students from Shivaji College and Amity University shared their experiences and their stories were meant to inform and inculcate sensitivity among the audience. Mr. Prem Kumar and Mr. Subhash Kumar shared the challenges faced by people with ‘disabilities.’ Ms. Bipashna Sharma shared how the people from North East India were bullied over their looks and called various names like "Corona lane wale", "chinky", "Chinese" etc. She expressed how healthy interactions can minimize the prejudices against the people from North Eastern India

Mr. Sonu Kumar and Mr. Shivam Singh suggested how sports maybe used as enabling space in breaking stereotypes that are associated with “Biharis”. Ms. Millie and Mr. Preet, who both identify themselves as queer, shared their experiences of opening up about their sexuality. They hoped for sex education to be added as part of the Indian schooling curriculum.

Ms. Lovely Dhingra and Ms. Anshika Sharma talked of the challenges of being women in their own homes and the restrictions that they face, from making career choices to going out late at night.

These diverse and independent voices foreground the differential and exclusionary attitudes towards people with different backgrounds and identities.