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The Alumni Relations Cell, Shivaji College was established in September 2019 which aims to develop a robust network of alumni from various fields and parts of the world. The cell intends to function as a liaison between the current students and the alumni community thereby, facilitating an exchange of resources, opportunities and extension of mentorship.

Dr Darshan Pandey is the convener and patron of the cell.

Our main objectives are:-

  • To extend opportunities related to jobs, internships and campus placements.
  • To build an environment that is conductive to mutual growth of alumni and students.
  • To establish a common platform where students can seek mentorship from the graduates of their respective departments.

Initiatives taken by cell:-

  1. KNOW YOUR ALUMNI:- In this, stories of several successful alumnis are being published on our social media handles including Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. We have published around 25 stories of alumnis from various departments and are looking forward to connect with more successful ones.
  2. HUMANS OF SHIVAJI:- In this we have published the stories of those who gave immense contribution to the college.Its a unique portal to share stories endemic to Shivaji College and to exchange referrals, find like-minded peers and seek guidance from the alumni seamlessly
  3. MY EXPERIMENTS WITH INTERNSHIPS:- In this, we post stories of students who had pursued valuable internships during their college years. It will motivate existing students to take up internships.
  4. WEBINAR SERIES:- We have conducted webinars, talk show and podcast . Out of which one was national webinar with more than 1000 participants. Apart from this 8 more webinars were organized on different topics including mental health, internships, soft skills and career oriented.

Future initiatives:-

  1. Student mentorship programme
  2. Educational trips
  3. Alumni meet
  4. Various workshops will be organized

We are a team of almost 20 students working for the welfare of our society, which our founders have handed over to us.

Website: http://alumnirelationscellshivaji.wordpress.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/arcshivajicollege