Vidya Vistar Scheme (V2)

Shivaji College, University of Delhi, India

“The Vidya Vistar Scheme is based on the principle of mutual respect, cooperation and sharing between two Colleges/Departments of both the universities as equal partners”.

India’s dream to be a global superpower in the coming decades depends primarily on enhancing the skills of its human resources to meet global demands and increasing innovations and startups to fuel the economy. The roles that the universities, colleges and other educational institutions have to play are crucial in this context. Alone, each University/institution will require investment of considerable amount of its resources for these activities. However, being a developing country, it would be in the best interest to maximize the utilization of existing resources available with the Universities/ academic institutions by sharing the same, through academic collaboration and cooperation amongst them, for augmenting the human resources.

Objectives of the Scheme:

Making available to the Partner College or Department of fellow University:

  1. Expertise, knowledge and experience of the faculty members
  2. Resources in the library
  3. Other academic facilities

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