Society for Practical Applications and Development of Economics (SPADE), set up in 2017, is one such society that works towards understanding and sensitisation of socio-economic problems faced by diverse sections of our society. Under its aegis, SPADE organises numerous dialogues, lectures and presentations that inform the student community of the new and diverse forms in which socio-economic problems rear their head. Since its inception, SPADE has achieved phenomenal increase in raising awareness among students, and a number of student volunteers have enlisted for the programmes and initiatives undertaken by SPADE. On 5 March, 2020, SPADE launched the third edition of its annual research book titled Arthmanthan at our flagship event, Annual Consortium for Excellence (ACE of SPADE). This book brings together discussions and deliberations on the latest issues of a socio-economic nature faced by people. A solution based documentary, “Climate is Changing, Are You?” which presented the causes and impacts of the climatic crisis our planet is undergoing, was also released by SPADE Productions.


https://youtu.be/_4wzI4lLRmI - Yesteryear's documentary

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKEhInyGRBc – SPADE Research Video Project


  • Dr. Prabudhh Kumar Mishra
  • Ms. Bhumika Bhavnani