Shutterbugs: The Photography Society

The Photography and Film making society of Shivaji College is dedicated towards nurturing the bond between budding photographers and their cameras. The society is categorised into three major divisions - the photography team, the film making team, and the script writing team. Each team focuses on enhancing the talent that individual member possesses. The selection for the different divisions of the society is based on the skills shown by the students during the audition, which is normally held in the beginning of the academic year. Shutterbugs has honed the talents and skills of the society members. That the society has distinguished itself at the university level is evident from the countless accolades and laurels it has earned. The Society works on advanced post-processing techniques. It also organises monthly photography trails across Delhi. In the past, Shutterbugs has organised trips all across the country, held discussions with most experienced artists, photographers, and filmmakers. Shutterbugs, through its annual event "Cinedrome", provides a platform to students for displaying their innovative ideas and narratives through short-movies. The society also organises several competitive events during "Vibrations".

Shutterbugs, the Photography and Film-making Society of Shivaji College, organised the eighth edition of its annual fest, Cinedrome, on October 24, 2019. Cinedrome witnessed enthusiasm in the field of photography in competitions such as ‘Click-Clock’ and ‘Luminum’

The Campus Comes Alive with Cinedrome