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Promotion of Environmental Consciousness

The urgency to conserve the environmental balance is evident in the number of green practices adopted in Shivaji College. The college is committed not only to cultivating environmental consciousness among staff members and students; it also believes in pursuing, preserving, and promoting environment-friendly practices in every significant way. We engage in major as well as minor projects and campaigns that ensure minimal use of non-renewable energy and optimum usage of renewable energy in order to maintain a sustainable environment. We also strive toward making the college, and by extension the surrounding environment, a breathable place by banning plastic on campus.

The college implements significant measures toward conserving energy. Consumption of renewable energy by drawing electricity from solar panels, disuse of electricity in classrooms where there is sufficient natural lighting, replacement of ordinary lighting by LED lighting on campus, and many other small but safe practices in the college premises contribute in saving the Earth.

Another significant contribution toward a cleaner and greener environment is the annual tree plantation drive organised on campus. Every year, various saplings are planted on numerous occasions. These saplings are in turn nurtured by the organic waste produced in the vermi-compost pit maintained under the aegis of Eco Club. This club also collects waste paper from the college and process them into recycled paper.

Shivaji College also takes pride in its herbal garden. It boasts of the richest collection of more than 40 herbs and shrubs endowed with enormous medicinal properties. Some of the common medicinal plants are Brahmi, Giloy, Ashwagandha, Isabgol, Ghritkumari, Imli, Aak, Ajwain, Madhunashini, Harshingar, Tulsi, etc. These plants are labelled with their scientific and common names along with their medicinal uses. Apart from all these evident practices, student volunteers and teachers of the NSS club continually initiate cleanliness drive on and around the campus, thus sensitising the people about the importance of keeping our environment healthy.

Gender Sensitisation and Gender Equality

Shivaji College has a Women's Development Cell that seeks to create awareness of issues that afflict society related to gender disparity. It is common knowledge that the sex of a boy or a girl is biologically determined and gender inequality is created by social mores. Through this cell, the college makes befitting interventions in an effort to create an egalitarian society.

The cell uses multifarious ways to sensitise people about gender disparity and the need to find solutions that could be equally multitudinous. The Women's Development Cell organises many lectures, workshops, seminars and conferences to this effect. Efforts are also made to stimulate and shake up the lives of the people around in a celebratory mode in the form of fairs for gender equality.

It is very encouraging and satisfying that the cell enjoys the participation of all members of the Shivaji family, the principal, teaching and non- teaching staff and the students. Many NGOs and other guests also engage with the college in the most helpful and positive manner.

The cell aims to continuously and systematically cajole the conscience of society so that the oppression, disadvantages and physical violence that women face can be brought to an end in the professional, personal and public space. The interventions that the Women's Development Cell makes are as much in earnest as the malaise is expansive and deep.

Irrespective of their gender, there are selfless men and women who work towards providing opportunities for all. Shivaji College celebrates the lives of those men and women who challenge patriarchy and exploitation to pave the way for an equitable society. Such members of the society are felicitated with the Jijabai awards and their struggles and journeys are showcased in an elegant book.

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Shivaji College and SPIC MACAY

Shivaji College enjoys a wonderful synergy with SPIC MACAY. This enables the college to disseminate knowledge of Indian Art and Culture amongst the staff and students.

Indian Art and Culture is a unique heritage of our country and with the help of SPIC MACAY the college is able to showcase some of the best talent in the country, be it various forms of dance and music, both instrumental and vocal.

The Shivaji family gets a big opportunity to see and hear the most celebrated artists from an arm's length and soak in the innumerable arts of the country from diverse regions, annually. These programmes also help display some of the very esoteric instruments used in music and the attire and jewellery of the classical dancers.

Many artists have performed in the college some of whom are Pandit Rajan and Sajan Mishra, the Nizami bandhu, Vidushi Sharon Lowen, Dr. Deepti Omcherry Bhalla, Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Vidushi Saroja Vaidynathan to name a few.