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The Department of History conducted its online farewell program for outgoing batch 2018-21, Adieu Seniors, on Friday, 23rd April at 11 a.m. through Zoom platform. There were over 100 participants, including faculty members, outgoingstudents and those from first and second years.The students organized song and dance performances, poetry recitations and fun games like riddles, truth and dare and titles for the seniors. Students of third year shared their experiences about their life in college and interaction with one another and the teachers. There was an immaculate execution of the programme by the Students’ Executive of the History Society led by the Vice President Ms. Prerna Chauhan.

The History Society is a vibrant body that encourages constant interaction between teachers and students both inside and outside the classroom through seminars, lectures, historical trips, quiz, debates, paper readings, cinema and many other interactive events. The society organizes a range of events through the year. In the academic year 2020-21, the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic have not deterred the society from organizing webinars and interactive and competitive events using the online medium. Given below are some of the highlights of the scintillating events in academic year 2020-21:

Webinar on Heritage: A Source of Pride and Inspiration in Times of Crisis -16 th October 2020 Department of History organised a webinar on the rich craft heritage of India for students and faculty of Shivaji College. The speaker, Ms. Lipika Sud, President of The Guild of Designers and Artist, focused on the hardships faced by the artisans and craft-workers in the time of Covid pandemic.

Film Screening and Review Competition- 8 th January 2021

The department of History organized a Film Screening and Review Competition through Microsoft Teams. The film screened was Jojo Rabbit and the screening was followed by review competition by students.

Virtual tour of the historic Silk Routes -- 5th February 2021

The Department of History conducted a virtual tour of the historic Silk Routes through Zoom platform. The virtual tour was conducted by Dr. Sonal for all the students and faculty members of the Department of History which aimed to familiarize the students with the space and time of the silk routes that connected the West and the East through long distance trade in myriad commodities as well as to engage with the cultural legacy of the historic routes.

Webinar by Prof. B. P. Sahu - – 19 th February 2021

The department of History organized a webinar in honor of Professor Sunil Kumar through Zoom platform. Professor B. P. Sahu, Department of History, University of Delhi, gave a lecture on Religion and Societies during the First Millennium CE- An overview..

Webinar by Professor Amar Farooqui- - 26th February 2021

The department of History organized a webinar in honor of Prof D N Jha through zoom platform. Professor Amar Farooqui gave a lecture on Sources and the Historian: Some Early Writings on the Revolt, c. 1857-1880s

Virtual Historical Tour- 5th March 2021

The Department of History organised a historical tour in the virtual mode through zoom platform. The tour was conducted by Dr. Amarjiva Lochan. He showed us sites and explained the heritage of the Patna Museum, Ellora cave temple, Petra Mountain city, the wadi- Rum with its caches of copper, Pompeii the city buried under lava ash and now uncovered and finally the pyramids of Giza, Saqqara, the valley of the Dead, the Temples of Luxor, Hapshepsut and Philae and Abu Simbel, the temple of Ramses II.

Department of History online Alumni Meet- 19th March 2021

The department of history organized an online alumni meet on March 19th, 2021 on zoom platform. The programme was inaugurated by Principal, Dr. Shiv Kumar Sahdev with a welcome address. More than 50 participants attended the event including most prominent alumni of the department like Mr. Anjani Kumar, IFS, currently Ambassador to Mali, Mr. Ajeet Vasant IAS, currently Chief Executive Officer, Zila Panchayat, Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh who also addressed the meet with many others working in various fields. Senior faculty members including Dr. Khurshid Khan, Dr. Amarjiva Lochan and Ms. Nishtha Srivastava also addressed the event. The programended with a vote of thanks by Dr. Shama Mitra Chenoy, convener of the event and teacher-in-charge of the department

Competitive Events for Students- 8th April, 2021

The Department of History organized competitive programs for its students on Zoom platform. Students of the department attended the program and 75 students participated in the 4 events of Debate, Painting, Poetry and Character Play. The winners of the various competitions were

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