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Report of the Webinar

forBES-the Business Economics society of Shivaji College organized a webinar on the topic “Redefining Marketing” on 4th March, 2021 at 5 pm via Zoom platform. The session was also streamed live on YouTube .

The department was honored and privileged to invite Dr. Rajan Saxena an Indian management expert, academic, writer and Former Vice Chancellor of SVKMs Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies Mumbai, as the guest speaker. With the remarkable speaking skills, he communicated with the digital audience with ease. Well versed with the dynamics of marketing, Dr. Rajan made the webinar highly impactful.

The webinar was successfully carried out under the constant guidance of all the faculty members.

The attendee strength of over a hundred people was fully satisfied and could completely resonate with the ideas and knowledge being shared.

Dr. Rajan created a positive atmosphere and maintained the same throughout the webinar which helped the participants to understand better and grasp more on the present and the future of marketing. The insightful webinar gave the participants an opportunity to dive into the concepts of digitalization, competition, technology, customer edge and sustainability.

The question-and-answer round at the end of the webinar was one of the highlights. Each and every question asked by the audience was answered by Dr. Rajan with a full-fledged explanation backed by his years of experience and knowledge which made the content more relevant and thought provoking.

The closing of the webinar was done by circulation of feedback form, whose response was satisfied and positive in the hope of more and more such webinars to be conducted in the future.

Report of Invoke’21

ForBES- The society of Department of Business Economics organized its Annual FestInvoke-2021 under the aegis of IQAC, Shivaji college, University of Delhi.

Invoke’21 had a burning theme of Genesis: The Rebirth of Indian Economy after the COVID-19 Pandemic. The students and teachers recognized the impending impact of the pandemic on various sectors and wanted their audience and participants to know more about the current situation of the Indian Economy and its financial market curves.

The event was organized on 17th March, 2021at 9 a.m.via Zoom platform and was also made live on YouTube. The annual festival would not have been possible without the motivation of our Principal, Dr. Shiv Kumar Sahdev, constant guidance of H.O.D, Ms. ItiDandona , Convener, Dr. Parul Behl, and allsupporting teachers, Ms. Urvashi Sahitya and Ms. Aditi Gupta.

The event started with International virtual webinar on the topic India 2030: The Road Ahead by Prof. Subodh Mathur, an economist (Ph.D. MIT)who has a proven teaching record, strong conceptual and quantitative skills and wide ranging U.S. policy and operational experience. He discussed the ongoing graphs of the India and what the government can do to improve them. He also put emphasis on the potential of India soon launching its cryptocurrency and what it would take to make it successful.

Besides the webinar, the following academic activities were organized by the Department and were open to participation for students across various colleges of University of Delhi.

• Forager’s Quest, a treasure hunt game involving the usage of all the business economics knowledge along with task completion skills to the utmost level was organised.Instead of going for multiple short rounds, one big round took place wherein six PDF files were created and circulated on whatsapp group created for the same. Each password protected file had a challenge based on economic trivia, facts and some basic knowledge about the subject.

• Moneyball, an online mock-stockgame, with a lot of twists and turns was organized.It was a customized experience,designed to test the luck, bidding skills and courage of the participants, to take desired risk , so as to be a businessman.

• Bidbazaar, A LIVE, virtual IPL auction game was organized having preliminary round before the final one. Here teams were expected to to make a portfolio of players so as to get highest rating. Teams created thereafter, had to strategiseusing capital management and trading techniques.

The annual festival was successfully organized by the students’ team who worked tirelessly to make it a great success. Around 100 participants attended the online annual festival. Positive feedback was received from majority of the participants. Key comments received were:

“The webinar was great, gained insightful information from the speaker.The speaker was experienced and I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar.”

“Very informative session, it was such a pleasure to receive such important aspects from Prof. Subodh Mathur. Looking forward to more such webinars”

“The event was quite informative and speaker provided with immense knowledge on key areas of Indian economy and focused on the future aspects”.

Report of Alumni Meet- ‘Imprints 2021’

The Department of Business Economics organized its Annual Alumni Meet ‘Imprints-2021’on 20th March 2021. Due to Covid-19 guidelines, the event was conducted in online mode on the MS Teams platform.

Alumni across the batches starting from the first batch of 2005 -08 to the most recent one 2017-2020 participated enthusiastically. The Alumni of the department have achieved exemplary success in varied fields and after graduating have joined Higher studies, High profile jobs and even start-ups. The department took this opportunity to bring the current batches in direct contact with the alumni so that they could benefit from their vast experience and guidance.

The eminent Alumni were felicitated with certificates of appreciation and were asked to share their experience both during their stay in Shivaji College and after graduation during Post graduation, jobs or setting up their businesses. The current students were also given an opportunity to interact with their alumni and gain insights from their vast experience.

The event saw numerous emotional moments between the teachers and students during the showcasing of the College Infrastructure and video montage of the memories of numerous activities conducted during their College days.

During the interaction, alumni cleared the doubts of the current students regarding the entrance exams of various prestigious institutions.They also explained them the art of attempting interviews for higher education as well as placement.

The well-placed alumni also offered internship opportunities to their junior batches.

The event ended on a happy note with the alumni appreciating the efforts of the Department in organizing the event and agreeing for many such interactions in future.

Report of Roisters’21

Roisters is an annual sports event organized by the Department of Business Economics of Aryabhatta College, University of Delhi. Participation is open for the sports teams of the Colleges offering B.A.(H) Business Economics Course in the University of Delhi.

This year, the event was a 4 day event from 18th of February 2021 to 21st of February 2021, organized in the premises of Aryabhatta College and consisted of a series of 8 games including cricket, volleyball, kho-kho, dodgeball, table tennis, badminton, leg cricket and carrom.

The sports team of students Department of Business Economics, Shivaji college participated enthusiastically in all the events and set milestones and made the college proud. It received high recognition and awards for most of sports among other colleges from all over the University.

While the team of girls won second position in leg cricket, the team of boys came home with first position in kho-kho, cricket and badminton, second in relay race, sprint and volleyball among many other prizes in individual sports.

At last, every participant learnt the importance of team building, cooperation and teamwork amongst many other qualities. They could enjoy playing and the spirit of winning along with staying healthy and content. The event sprouted a spirit of positivity and enthusiasm amongst the participants amidst the ongoing Pandemic.

Report of the Webinar

forBES, the Business Economics Society of Shivaji College organised a webinar on the topic ‘Digital Revolution- What do we know about it?’ was organized on October 9th 2020 via ZOOM and YouTube platforms. The webinar was done under the aegis of IQAC and in the presence of all the faculty members and students of the Department of Business Economics. Over 100 participants attended the webinar.

The resource persons for the webinar were:

  1. 1. Dr. Kirti Sharma, Assistant Professor, MDI Gurgaon; Member, Communication Strategy Committee, Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, Government of India.
  2. 2. Ms. Chanpreet Arora, Consultant; Startup Evangelist; Former CEO, VICE Media India; Reuters Fellow, Oxford.

Both the speakers shared their experiences and provided valuable insights on the topic ‘Digital Revolution’. Students could get both academic and industry exposure through their respective sessions. All the arguments presented were supported with facts and figures making the content more authentic.

Session was made interactive with the help of regular poles on various issues relevant to the topic. At the same time, it ensured better participation of the students. The connect that was established and maintained throughout the webinar helped participants to comprehend things in a better way.

Overall, it was an enriching experience for both students and faculty members of the department.

Few pictures of the webinar: