Society & Activities


26th and 27th of April 2023

The Department of Business Economics organized its annual fest INVOKE '23 on the 26th and 27th of April 2023.

On April 26th, the event showcased an online webinar, titled 'Business and Financial Management for Startups' via MS Teams platform. The speaker for the online webinar was Mr. Saravanan Suresh, a successful entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and industry leader. He shared his valuable insights and experiences in financial management. The webinar provided a platform for students to learn about the financial aspects of starting a new business, which is a crucial component for any startup. Moreover, the active participation and interaction from the attendees showcased the interest and enthusiasm of the students toward the topic and appreciated the valuable insights and experiences shared by the keynote speaker, Mr. Saravanan Suresh. The session was informative and thought-provoking, leaving a lasting impact on the participants.

On April 27th , a variety of exciting academic events/games, such as Business Bingo, Mock IPL, and Jimmy Jab, were conducted.

The Business bingo game was a fun twist on the traditional game of bingo, with a focus on company names and logos making it a great way to test and improve one’s business knowledge in a fun and engaging way. Participants had to identify the correct companies, with the first person to complete the card being the winner.

Mock IPL was another exciting game, that required participants to strategically manage their budget while raising bids to build the most effective cricket team. The event was divided into three rounds - Quiz, Release Round, and Main Auction. The Quiz round tested the participant's knowledge of cricket and business, while the Release Round required participants to release certain players from their team to make room for new ones. The Main Auction round was where participants bid for new players and create their final team.

The final game, Jimmy Jab consists of three rounds, wherein the first round focused on two games, Crossword P1, and Sudoku P2. The second round involved solving mathematical equations and playing Pictionary.

The participants actively engaged in the games and had a great time, showcasing their skills and knowledge in the field of business and entrepreneurship. The games not only provided a platform for the participants to showcase their talents but also helped in fostering teamwork and strategic thinking

Overall, INVOKE '23 was a huge success. It was a well-organized and informative event that provided a great platform for students to learn about the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Freshers and Farewell 23

27th April,2023

Freshers Day is the day which all the students anticipate enthusiastically where they are given a very warm welcome by the seniors. Both the seniors and juniors get a chance to bond with each other. Whereas, farewell is the event organized by juniors to allow the seniors to revisit their memories and congratulate the seniors for their achievements and to bid goodbye to the College. For the first time ever, this year, the Department of Business Economics, organized both the Freshers and Farewell party together on 27th April 2023.

The event was attended by more than 150 students and was filled with loads of excitement, thrill and delight. For the first year’s there was a western dress code whereas for the third year it was ethnic wear.

The event was marked with the stunning dance performances by the students, a ramp walk, emotional speech by the outgoing President of forBES, cake cutting ceremony, Announcement of Mr. and Ms. Freshers and Farewell. From the 1st year, Mr. Freshers title was won by Yug Saini and Ms. Freshers by Manya Pal. From the 3rd year Mr. Farewell was won by Shaurya and Ms. Farewell by Bhavya. The event came to an end with an emotional bond between the students and teachers and ever-lasting memories.

Alumni Interaction: ‘Career opportunities after BBE’

27th March 2023

An Alumni Interaction was organized on 27th March, 2023 on the Topic ‘Career opportunities after BBE’. Mr. Gautam Gupta, Research Associate, Moody's Investors Service (BBE batch 2018-21) was invited as the Speaker for the session.

Mr. Gautam, who is placed in the financial sector and has past experience in various domains like marketing, equity research and technical strategies conducted a lively exchange with the final-year students and enlightened the third-year students about the placements and job scenarios in the current market.

He also explained the importance of a holistic CV, how to build an impactful CV. He shared what skills are critical and must be inculcated in the resume of a candidate to excel in their careers. The speaker shared his experience about how he cracked Moody's and how the knowledge he grasped from the course curriculum offered by the Business Economics Department helped him.

Lastly, Mr. Gautam resolved the queries of the students and educated the students on the importance of maintaining a respectable CGPA as well as enjoying these three years of college life to the fullest.

Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation

7th November 2022

The Department of Business Economics of Shivaji College organised a seminar on the topic- Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation on 7th November 2022 in Jijabai auditorium. Professor Arun K. Kaul, Senior Faculty, ICFAI Business School, who has vast experience in the field of finance, teaching different subjects to MBA students was invited as the Honourable Speaker at the event. which was attended by.

The session consisted of a fruitful discussion several relevant aspects like difference between an entrepreneur and a business man, advantages and risks of being an entrepreneur, various unicorns across the world, examples of many startups that have become successful. After this, the doubts and curiosities of the students were resolved in a Q and A round.

All the attendees got to learn a lot regarding the various aspects of initiating and sustaining a new venture. About 150 students attended and benefitted from the insights provided by the honourable speaker.

BBE Student Orientation 2022-23

On 2nd November 2023, the Department of Business Economics held its Orientation for the first year students. The Orientation programme aimed at orienting the new students regarding their course, curriculum, facilities at the college and the different societies and the timetable. The Orientation was not only attended by the students of first year but also their parents and elder siblings who had come along with them to get a gist about the course and the College.

The event began with the inputs of the Teacher-In-Charge of the Department, Dr. Rajinder Singh. He informed the students about the various changes in the Academic Curriculum commencing from the current session. He explained about the National Education Policy and how it will benefit the students. He then gave a brief introduction about the course and the faculty of the Business Economics Department.

This was followed by the detailed explanation of the syllabus and course structure by the faculty members, Mrs. Urvashi Sahitya and Dr. Parul Behl. The students were informed about the future study and career options after completing the course and internship options during the course, along with a record of the distinguished alumni of the Department.

Then the Student Members of the Department Society, forBES, gave the students a glimpse of life at Shivaji. They also gave a brief introduction on the different activities and competitions organised by the Department and the various societies of the college which the students could join.

Then after a brief Questions and Answers round in which various question from books to be followed to the choosing of Class representatives, the event came to an end. It was an informative session aimed at helping the freshers to get a jumpstart on their college life.