Learning Outcome and Syllabus

I. Nature and extent of the Programme B.A (Hons.) Business Economicsp

1. The programme is an attempt to develop capabilities in students to take effective decisions as managers of business organisations operating in the rapidly changing global economic environment.

2. The programme is an amalgamation of foundation and application papers in Business and Economics

3. The scope of the programme extends to topics in statistics, accountancy, mathematics, corporate finance, microeconomics, macroeconomics, marketing, business law, econometrics in the context of international business environment.

II. Aims of Bachelor's degree programme in B.A.(HONS.) Business Economics

1. To develop an in-depth understanding of theoretical constructs of economics, business management and research methods.

2. To equip students with skills that enable them to perform as managers, economists and researchers in the areas of finance, marketing, econometrics, entrepreneurial and start-up skills

3. To foster research acumen through the use of relevant software's, econometric modeling, economic/financial/consumer data and live projects.

4. Enhance the ability of students to analyse and interpret data to take effective managerial decisions in organizational departments.