Student Teaching Volunteer Program 2021-22

Remedial Cell has taken an initiative where we invite interested students to volunteer for a teaching program. Teachers provide guidance to all volunteers on how to create content in difficult topics. Every student Volunteer gets a chance to conduct 1-2 classes every month online on a topic they love teaching.

This provides a space for student volunteers to explore and learn teaching skills which can be beneficial for their future prospects.

This program has been initiated to deal with the inhibitions in the learning process.. More than sixty students have volunteered to be this part of the program.

Future Activities

The Remedial Cell is planning to conduct a workshop on “Confidence Building and Personality development” in the month of November, 2021. It will be a two day workshop where eminent speakers and trainers in the field will be invited to disseminate the guidance and training for our student’s personality development.

The Cell is also about to start coaching classes for language courses from the upcoming semester as per UGC norms.

Proposed Activities:

“Open-Mic Storytelling” online event where students will be provided a platform to speak and share their experiences for gaining confidence and comfort in public speaking.

Online Yoga workshop on confidence building and voice projection by Mohit Joshi, a certified Yoga trainer with experience in voiceover and theatre.