The Centre for Environmental Disaster Management (CEDM), Shivaji College, University of Delhi, was established to create awareness of how to mitigate environmental disasters. There has been a considerable measure of involvement of people worldwide in taking up sustainable practices to save the environment. Yet, much remains to be done. It is with this objective of being a part of sustainable measures worldwide that CEDM was established.

Environmental Disasters in different forms and intensities occur all around us. Sensitizing people to mend the ways has been one of the mottos of CEDM, though making people aware of the mitigating measures to deal with disasters has also been the focus. CEDM, in its short journey as a center, has created an impact within and outside the college. By continuously engaging with various stakeholders, CEDM looks forward to making fruitful engagements with society at large to be a part of the global fight against environmental degradation.

Prof. Virender Bhardwaj
Principal, Shivaji College
University of Delhi