Learning Outcome and Syllabus

Zoology gives us an insight into the animal kingdom. Through this field the student will have a better understanding of the structure, behaviour and evolution of animals by use of conventional and latest technology. The application of Zoology is not limited to academics but gives a hands on experience in the field of environment, biotechnology, pharmacology, forensic as well as clinical sciences. The department also organises several field trips so that the students get a practical exposure in these fields. The Department is one of the four departments to receives grant under DBT State College Scheme. The faculty members are also involved with intramural research, University of Delhi Innovation and DBT Star Projects.

In past few years, there has been world-wide interest in Core and Applied Zoology among students, researchers and the industry. With increasing awareness about climate change and need to conserve biodiversity, the knowledge of animal form and function gained through Zoology finds applications in measures to conserve biodiversity and formulate ecological safeguards to protect Earth. The study of biotechnology, bioinformatics and conformational biology, Medical diagnostics have several applications in industry.

The department has a barcoded museum which helps the student study classification and access information about each species with much ease. There is a well-furnished barcoded departmental library which provides easy access to books and research publications for the students.

‘Oyster’ the Department Society holds a number of academic activities such as lectures by, seminars, debates, quizzes which provides a platform to the students to interact with eminent scientists. The Society also publishes its annual magazine ‘Insight’, which incorporates creatively written articles from students and teachers

B.Sc Hons Zoology-LOCF LOCF B.Sc. Life Science