Learning Outcome and Syllabus

Physical Education is considered as an integral part Education. The programme aims at optimum development of student's potentialities in all phase of life. The subject imparts in-depth knowledge of fundamental and practical guidelines of health and fitness so that the students can start their career in physical education and fitness industry.

The introduction of physical education as a subject for Generic Elective honours students comprises of papers such as Yoga & Stress Management, Obesity Management, Aerobics Training, and Fitness and Exercise Management. The faculty members enable and encourage the students to excel not only in academics but in sports too.

In today’s high tech society, the success of Physical Education lies in the physical growth and development of students in fighting against the sedentary life style. It is through this approach, the students acquire the knowledge, skills, right attitude , worthy use of leisure time and values towards the pursuit of a physically active and healthy life style.